Thursday, 7 May 2009

Programing / Curating

Hot from our Creative Conversation with Matt Fenton, programmer / curator of the Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster University. An intimate meeting, I found it completely rewarding to have such a focus on different styles of programming. We discussed whether programming can be classed as an art form, and the different ways Nuffield has opened up its programming procedures this last year.
Here's some of what Matt had to say:
"I suppose I’m interested in having a conversation between artists and myself as a programmer, and maybe people that are interested in the fields of curating, programming, running festivals, animating spaces and so on. I’m interested in exploring what gives someone the right to decide what to commission or present in a publically funded venue, and how institutional models might be challenged. I’m interested in exploring issues of the public realm, arts subsidy, identity, access and diversity in a critical way. Above all I’m interested in how artists are their own first and most important curators."
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